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Questions asked by the gynaecologist
The first prenatal visit is a little longer than the next because it has several objectives. :

diagnosing pregnancy ;
date the pregnancy based on the date of the first day of the last period, and calculate the DPA, or expected date of birth ;

making sure the beginning of pregnancy is going smoothly ;
identify possible risk situations ;
setting up pregnancy monitoring ;
give different advice to the mother-to-be.
To do this, the practitioner conducts a thorough medical examination on :

personal and family medical history (chronic pathology, hereditary disease)) ;
gynaecological history: duration and regularity of cycles, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy ;
obstetrical history: course of previous pregnancies and possible complications (gestational diabetes, IUGR, placenta previa, hypertension, pre-eclampsia,...), course of deliveries (low route, instrumental extraction, caesarean section, dystocian delivery, premature delivery…) ;
the course of this debate

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