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Maddie Dunbar

It's Complicated blog entry 2 (module 1)

2 min read

"Although the most visible blogging services helped people con- nect based on shared interests, the vast majority of bloggers were blogging for, and reading blogs of, people they knew.4 When early social network sites like Friendster and MySpace launched, they were designed to enable users to meet new people—and, notably, friends of friends—who might share their interests, tastes, or passions." 

When I first created my MySpace account, I did it behind my parents backs and out of spite for not being allowed to have one. I did not create it to link with people who ahve smiliar interests, tastes or passions, I did it to upload weird pictures of myself and compete with my "best friend", whom I was fighting with at the time. I know MySpace still exists, but it's so much different than it was when I was younger.... but so is Facebook and AOL and emailing. 

Today I would never sign up for MySpace or Friendster or anything other than Facebook and Instagram, really. I find almost every other social networking site pointless (unless I would be using it for my future career or school). Also, I do not use Facebook to connect with people who share similar interests or passions as me, I use it to find out what's going on with my friends and family and quite honestly, to share funny or serious videos. 

I just find it crazy how much things change over time and how I didn't look at sites like Friendster and MySpace the way I was really supposed to.