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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 4 - free write (module 5)

2 min read

Me right now....


So. The last blog post of module 5 is here. And I'm typing like that man up here ^^

I'm sitting here in my dorm bed and thinking about this semester and how much I feel like I've grown. Today I had to present my last speech for Journalism and I killed it. I find it crazy to think about how I was in the beginning of the semester... I was so nervous to get up in front of the class and present my speeches, but this last one was a breeze! I volunteered to go first and was so glad I got it over with. I also got very positive feedback from classmates and my professor said how much I improved since my last speech. 

Never would I have ever expected me to grow so much in just a couple months. I seriously love school and love going to class. I have always really liked school, but not as much as this semester. I have had the best professors, especially you McVerry! 

With the semester coming to a close soon and finals just around the corner, I just thought I would just sit and talk about my journey this semester and how much I feel I have grown!