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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 4 - free write (module 4)

1 min read

Today I was thinking a lot about how far I have come in this class. 

When I was in high school, I had a "blog" (Tumblr) where I would sometimes write posts, but they were never too in depth. They were usually short, sweet, and somewhat meaningful to me, personally. They were never educational or insighful, but with this class, I have learned how to create meaningful posts for other people to learn from, read, develop insight on, etc. 

I definitely feel a lot smarter having had the opportunity to take this class... I love how this class works. I love how it's so open and it's basically all on the computer, but we still have a classroom setting where we can all talk and discuss the modules. I find you extremely helpful as a professor, and you explain all the tasks clearly, so I am never confused. 

To be quite honest, this is one of my favorite classes I have ever taken. 

I truly appreciate how this class made me into a better writer, blogger, and student.