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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 4 - free write (module 3)

2 min read

What's better than a free write on a Friday night? Nothing!!



Today was an extremely productive day.

My boyfriend and I got his car washed, got our eyebrows waxed, got my hair cut (gee, short hair is the weirdest thing ever...), went shopping for dinner tonight and cooked an amazing dinner! If any of you want a delicious, healthy, fall dinner, here's the link.

I then made dinner while my boyfriend went out with his friend, and when my family came home (dad, mom, older sister), they were so happy because they barely had to lift a finger.... (well I made my dad cut the potatoes and pretty much do everything having to do with the pork chops because me + cutting/meat cooking=bad idea.)


We then had an amazing family dinner, talked about our days, and everything was perfect! I then ate some black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream and GOOD LORD that was the highlight of my night. (sad, i know.)

I cleaned up, and now I am here. Blogging for school. 

Next up on the agenda before the sacred sleep is to watch Elf with my mom. It is never too early for Christmas movies, people. 

Hope you all had a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!! :)