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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 3 - Reading Images (module 3)

1 min read

This reading... confused me to say the least. I kind of think that since we don't learn these terms (multimodality, representation, and new media) in class and aren't necessarily tested on them, that it's kind of pointless to learn them. On the other hand, these terms could be useful for future references and stuff like that..

The reading pretty much defined and explained all these terms, and also gave a video. The point of this paper, according to Gunther Kress, was to "point out what I see as the central issues in the linked shifts in representation and dissemination..." To me, that was all just a bunch of big words and terms I did not know/understand. 

Reading people's annotations did help me more than anything else to understand the reading just a little bit, but I think there were quite a few people who were/are just as confused as I am.

As a whole, much of this reading did not make sense to me and was difficult for me to completely understand, but with the help of annotations and just re-reading, I was able to comprehend most of it.