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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 3 - Reading adolescents' reading identities (module 5)

2 min read

One of the main parts of this article that stood out to me is the part where it says "Our identities as readers are decided for us. I am a slow reader". This mostly stuck out to me because I feel like it's completely false. I do not think that when someone is born they are just born a good reader, slow reader, fast reader, or a bad reader. I believe that reading is something that you work on, all throughout life. I will probably become a better reader in 10 years than I am now, because I will keep gaining more knowledge and information. 

Our "identities" as readers are not decided for us, we work at them! 

Another part of the article that stood out to me is "The problem is not in schools, it could be with parents". I would have to agree with this mostly because children spend more time at home than they do at school. If parents are not encouraging and supporting good and frequent reading at home, they cannot expect their child to become master readers... I was given the luxury of being able to read a lot in school and at home, especially during my elementary school years. 

Overall, I found a lot of personal controversy with this article, but I did enjoy that because it led me to think deeper and pull out more thoughts. Overall I enjoyed reading and annotating this article!