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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 2 - reflection on my online research (module 4)

1 min read

So, this blog post is a reflection on me and internet inquiry and/or online research. 


I recently had to do some online research for a paper I had to do a few weeks ago on mace/pepper spray. I had to use various websites and cite them all. I really enjoy doing research papers because I like to learn things. I find it mind-boggling how much information the internet holds and how you can find virtually anything you're trying to research. 

I also use the internet to research other things such as medications, hair/makeup/skin products, the latest trends, you know just girly things. Whenever I buy something whether it be a new foundation or even something like a hair growth supplement, I always try to do my research and know exactly what I'm buying. 

The internet holds nearly all the information you'll ever need and, in my personal opinion, the best place to do research on anything. 

Referring back to the gif, whenever I need information or further research on a given object, to the internet I go!!