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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 2 - free write (Module 3)

2 min read

Since this blog post is basically a free write I'm just going to talk about fall, and how it is my absolute favorite season of the year. 

I mean come on... how can it get any more beautiful than that?????

As much as I love the other seasons, fall has always been my favorite. I just get so amazed every year by now the leaves turn from green to yellow, red and orange. It fascinates me! And then they start to fall and right now it's that perfect medium where there are tons of leaves on the ground but a lot still on the trees. It's the most beautiful time of the year and I find it the best season to relax. 

With the stress of midterms, and well, school in general, I love lighting a candle (preferably "leaves" from Bath & Body Works), getting a good book, dropping a Lush bath bomb in the tub, putting on a face mask, and just relaxing. It really helps to take the stress off and just being able to soak in my bath while watching the leaves fall is something that will never get old to me. 

Fall is so much more than leaves changing colors and apple slice and pumpkin spice everythig to me. It's serenity, peacefulness, happiness, and relaxation. It's when I look outside and think how beautiful this world is. 


I love fall!!!!!