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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 1 - MakerMonday Challenge 11/30 (module 5)

1 min read

Today's MakerMonday Challenge was to mashup two differnent kinds of commercials for children's toys (Lego). One column was for girls with Barbies and bright colors and the other was for boys with Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, etc. We were asked to mashup two of the commercials and boy was it funny.

The male commercials were voiced by a man with a deep, manly voice, had dark colors, was intense and included more violence, whereas the female commercials were voiced by what seemed to be a teenager, were fun and pretty and nice, incuded no violence at all, had bright, girly colors, and asked for parental permission, etc. 

I LOVED this challenge and thought it was so interesting and fun to play around with!

Personally, I believe gender is something that is important, and even though I'm not exactly opposted to boys playing with Barbies and girls playing with action figures, I think it is important for each gender to play with the correct toys. 

Overall I really enjoyed this MakerMonday Challenge!