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Maddie Dunbar

Blog post 1 - Construction and/or Creation (module 3)

2 min read

This reading talks about online collaborative inquiry, and online content construction. Both are moduels for this class and what we are learning about/have learned about. These two aspects are both extremely important when it comes to new literacies, the world, and online learning. If one wants to be successful with online work, they must know how to collaborate with others (since the web is really just a community of online workers who work together) and construction of one's own work. 

These two aspects are used to "develop media skills", as said by W. Ian O'Byrne. Media skills are crucial to have in this day in age especially. I am positive my parents would say "When I was your age, we didn't even have all this fancy computer crap, we wrote letters" blah blah blah. I have no doubt that that is true and yeah, they didn't need the media skills professors try to teach to their students, but it's important now. 

There really are a lot of acrynonms in this reading, and they all make it kind if difficult to understand. It's almost like a code we have to crack in order to even slightly understand what is being said. Quite frankly, I think it would have been much much easier to comprehend had there not been all the acrynonms. I feel like I keep spelling acrynonms wrong... there I go again! 

This reading also goes in depth on how online creation differs from online construction, in that "creation can be viewed simply as the act of producing, or causing to exist", while "construction is the building or assembling of an infastructure." This was helpful to me because all this time I thought they were basically the same thing and really didn't look into it more than I had to. This helped me to understand that they are similar, but differ as well. 

Overall I enjoyed this reading and although some parts were annoying and not very helpful (all the acrynonms), I did find a lot of it helpful and understood it. The annotations others made were also helpful, as sometimes I didn't exactly grasp a concept fully.